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Zombies are the best product of creativity from the developers and the movie directors. One of the biggest fantasies of a gamer is to survive a zombie apocalypse when the whole world is crumbled and is crawling with brainless people, and they are the only one to survive through the massacre. This dream has been transformed into a reality by the gaming industry, and the idea is growing popular every day. There are even more TV series based on zombies and several movies like World War Z. At Zombie Games Room new games are released on a daily basis. The industry and the fans simply can't get enough of killing these walking dead creatures.

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Everything you need to know about zombie flash games.

The Zombie Games industry has introduced so many new projects that have secured them huge fan bases, anxiously waiting for the next part of the game to be released. A great game has the best creativity and imagination of the developers and a jaw-dropping, plot twisting story that will keep the game at the edge of his seat.

There are a lot of science fiction games in the industry right now making millions of fans every day and earning billions. The best science fiction concept to have ever happened to the gaming industry is the zombies. These back-from-the-dead brainless creatures are the best things that the gamers want to blow up or shoot their limbs off. The concept of zombies was first introduced in the movies, and then the developers decided to introduce it into gaming too. The idea has been welcomed with open arms and some of the biggest games of the modern era are based on Zombies. For example, Resident Evil. The game has so many sequels that one may lose count, all filled with zombie fighting and epic story line. There are countless zombie games today and here are the top 10 games that a gamer must try if he wants to experience the ultimate zombie world.

Are these unblocked zombie games?

So far, we have had zero reports about our games beeing blocked at schools or universities, so yes, the answer is all games available for playing at Zombie Games Room are unblocked and therefore can be played and all of the schools around the world. We are also getting prepared for our site being blocked by teachers or school network administrators of a way getting our website available at multiple domains(url) so that the teachers get tired of finding and blocking all of the domains and give up. Have in mind that we do not recommend playing our games during your class time, especially on a subjects that requre high concentration. These games are aimed to relax you while having a class break or while playing at home. Playing games and not listening to your teacher can cause reduction on your intelect as well as causing interfering into your education.

Are these games free and can you play them online?

Our website contains high amound of games and new samples are published on a daily basis. There will be no any games published at our website that require payment in order to be played which means all the games are totally free and can be enjoyed without making any compensation. On the other hand, all games can be played online and there is no need of downloading the game.

Popular Zombie Games

Zombie games have been released on multiple platforms. First, they were introduced on PC but with the advancement in technology, the games were released for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation as well. Here we will discuss the most famous zombie flash games that can be played on desktop.

  1. Days to Die 2 - Days to die is a game that needs no introduction. It is the best zombie shooter game of this generation and this time, they have released an even better zombie mode in their latest release named Days to Die 2. This mode has become so popular that players are reportedly enjoying the game more than the first part. It is a survival mode in which you have to shoot as many zombies as possible to gain valuable points which can be used to buy special items in the games including weapons, armors and much more. There are different waves of zombies that you have to shoot and kill, and the wave gets stronger and harder as your progress in the survival mode. Your character is a girl that has to roam in several buildings while on the look out for zombies.
  2. Dying Hope - Dying Hope is also quite popular among the gamers. This zombie game introduces a real world fighting sequence with the zombies so that the players can get the feeling of surviving the zombie apocalypse with real life physics. You get to hunt zombies and blow their brains out with RPGs if they have any. The best part about the game is that you can never get tired of hunting zombies. The game has introduced some highly skilled zombies in the game that are unleashed at night time, making your character a prey. The game shows darkness everywhere around the character and you can only see through a torch light which keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  3. Zombie Apocalypse : Left for Dead - Left for Dead is possibly one of the best zombie games. This game involves 6 characters that you have to choose from and beat the zombies to survive the apocalypse. The game has connected maps and features an open world environment. You have to fight the zombies, and you can stay secured in safe houses in the game. In the game the zombies will approach you from every angle and the game is basically the third person game. You can move around and use a gun to shoot the zombies. The game is easy at first but gets difficult eventually.
  4. Resident Evil - Resident Evil is a game that has had so much popularity in the gaming community that it is certain to be hailed as the greatest zombie flash game for the next five years as well. The game has a lot of sequels and the third part was released recently. This game features a storyline that keeps the gamer immersed in the game’s universe. While achieving your goals in the game, you have to fight zombies and other monsters which make the game quite interesting. The third part introduces 2 more characters and now you can play with any of the 6 characters in the game. Voice overs are on point which makes the game even more interesting.
  5. The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead is one of the best games of the modern gaming era. It has been developed keeping the infamous TV series, The Walking Dead in mind. The game has the same characters and the same story, and you have to fight for your loved ones against zombies throughout the world. You have to survive a zombie apocalypse for 40 days and wait for the help to arrive. The game has multiple weapons that can be used to chop off the zombie heads or blow their brains out in the game. This game is one of the most popular ones because the TV series has a huge fan following which has brought a lot of fans to this game. You have to survive waves of zombies and shoot them from your window of a safe house you are camping in. You can switch between 2 weapons and will have to reload them in the game too. Moreover, the game also features extra points depending on your shot. For example, if you take a body shot you get 5 points but if you take a headshot, you will get 10 points for that. These points can be used to buy more ammo and new weapons that have significantly more damage power than the previous ones.
  6. Road of the Dead - Road of the Dead is a popular zombie game having a high rating from the gaming community. This game is quite extensive and has decent graphics for a flash game. You can upgrade your vehicle in the game that has more speed can run many zombies over with ease. Upgrades can also increase the life of your vehicle and you don’t have to worry about obstacles as you progress into the game. You basically have to drive through a highway and run over zombies while avoiding obstacles like dilapidated buses and cars and burning tires. Moreover, the game also features military forces that will chase you for your reckless driving in the game. You have to avoid both the sane and the insane in the game which makes it even more interesting.
  7. Shotgun vs Zombies - In this game all you have to do is shoot the zombies and blow their brains, limbs, lungs, eyes, ears and anything that you can take a shot of. The game is quite addicting because it features 11 different kinds of zombies ready for you to hunt and you can also face a villain at the end of the game that is the most badass of them all. The game seems easy but it actually isn’t and the zombies get harder and more dangerous as you keep on playing the game and shooting their brains out. The game is quite popular among the fan base and is soon to have another sequel.
  8. PLANTS Vs Zombies - Plants vs. Zombies is a strategic game in which you have to grow plants in your defense tower and battle hoards of zombies approaching you. The game is the perfect solution to boredom and is suitable for casual gamers. It is not like those typical gloomy zombie games that feature a zombie apocalypse. The game is vivid and has a smooth gameplay.
  9. Zombies vs Penguins - This flash game is totally different than the rest and includes penguins that are hunting zombies and stopping them from taking over the world. The penguins are equipped with weapons in the game that they can use to hunt them down and can also aim and fire missile to blow their brains out. The bullets have the capability to ricochet off a particular zombie and kill more in a single shot.

Besides all the flash games available at our website, if you are looking for games that can be played on emulators or video games consoles like PSP, WII or XBox then we recommend you check the article on telegraph for best 20 zombie games. They went through all games and made an inceptional list of the best 20 choices. Our website does not provide games for gaming consoles, in fact we are specialised for providing the best zombie online games to our public and therefore if you are looking for games to be played on consoles then you should look elsewhere.