Days 2 Die

Days 2 Die Description

days-2-die Are you passionate about playing games related to Zombies! Days 2 Die is the perfect series that would help you live your passion. The game is inspired by other Zombie games like Dawn of the Dead which was launched in 2004, and other games like Resident Evil Series, Left 4 Dead, The Last Stand Series, etc. The game has grabbed the attention of the Zombie fans, where you need to escape from the half dead ones.

The platform of the game is based on the grounds of a city where every single person has turned out to be a Zombie or say is undead. The player of the game is basically trapped in the city, among them, and needs to find his way out from the city. The only way out of this trouble is with the help of a boat that is located at the Harbor. The player needs to reach the boat in a specific time period, failing which the only option left with him is counting the days. For surviving from Zombies, the game provides you with options like purchasing weapons, placing barricades, hiring mercenaries, and much more that increases the excitement of the game.

Days 2 Die Series is a widely downloaded or played game by Zombie lovers which comes with several stages or say parts. The more parts you clear, the more powerful you become with more advanced powers, mercenaries, weapons, etc. to beat the Zombies.

Haven’t yet tried playing this game! Give it a chance and you would surely enjoy your leisure time.