Dead End

Dead End Description

dead-end A common idea being presented in a unique way is called "Dead end". You are in the world where an unholy army of zombies has invaded. The whole world is now zombie except some hand full of people that are working to take the earth back. You have travelled as far as you could, but now there is no other way than to stand and fight back. You are provided a gun and a safe point. The zombies will keep coming in your way and you have to make sure that every one of them is thrown into the hell by your gun.

The game is quite interesting and fun. You have to be really quick so that no zombie can get to the safety area and start ruining your safety. You have to shoot them all and keep yourself protected. You have to be sure that you hit them on the head to make them fall easily. You will have to survive 20 days in this condition so make sure that you do whatever is necessary to save your resources as well as your safety point. The game is completely free and you do not have to pay anything to get it. It is available online and thus there is no need of downloading anything on your device. This is the ultimate bliss of the game. It is quite easy to buff and there is no lag in the game, no matter how limited your internet connection is. Get ready to shoot some zombies.