Decision 2 : New City

Full Decision 2 : New City Description

decision-2-new-city Decision 2: New City is an interesting flash game. It is an online game related to the zombies. There are several online zombie games, and each game is different from other. This game depicts a different trend with some new features. Currently, there is a big craze regarding the zombie games among the video game players. There is no age barrier while playing the games and very popular among all kinds of fans, whether an aged person or a young man, but they are basically favorite for the children and youth.

The story line of this game is unique. It is an action oriented game. When you play this game, you can see that you are located in a new city. This new city is completely occupied by the different monsters and zombies. Now your job is to survive in that city, infested by so many evil creatures and zombies. This action-oriented game truly shows some new features while fighting against the evil creatures. As a player, you have to fight against the zombies and the evil creatures till the end of the game. In a word, to win the game, it is necessary that you should be alert and use your own intellect to tackle the attempt of the zombies. In this game, you have to take control of the city and need to bring the city into its normal condition. It is necessary to shoot the key character of the zombie group to tame all the zombies. So play the game and enjoy the fun.