Earn To Die 2012

Earn To Die 2012 game

earn-to-die-2012 Earn to Die is a great game that has combined the concept of balancing games and zombie games and have molded them together into pure awesomeness. The game released in 2012 was welcomed with open arms by the gaming community because of its neat interface and amazing gameplay. It is available on both smartphones and desktop.

In this game, you have to ride a vehicle on an uneven, hilly road with bumps and slopes while zombies are approaching you. You have to run them down while the fuel of your car runs out. It is a race against time kind of game, and you have to smash as many zombies and cover as much distance as you can before your fuel runs out.

You gain XP points and cash with your runs that you can use to upgrade your vehicle. There are many upgrades available for suspension, nitrous, tires and everything that can tweak your car’s performance. The game also features a jeep and a whole school bus that can be unlocked with the right amount of cash. This cash is earned as you play the game and smash zombies in your way.