Infectonator World Dominator

All You Need To Know About Infectonator

infectonator-world-dominator Are you bored out your mind at work? Do you have nothing to do with the break between lectures at school? Infectonator World Dominator is the answer to your boredom pangs because this game has everything that makes it one of the most addicting online games ever. This cool zombie game is a complete package with intense graphics and gameplay that will keep you hooked to the game forever.

This game is not like other zombie games. You can always see games in which you have to defend yourself against zombies. The developers have turned the tables in this game. Now you get to be the zombie and infect perfectly normal people with your virus.

The game involves some famous real life characters which can be unlocked as your progress further into the game. They are called super zombies and can spread the virus faster than the normal ones. You will have to loot the cash as you infect these normal civilians. The game is a race against time. You will have to infect as many civilians as you can in as little time as you can. That’s how the high scores work in this game.