Road Of The Dead

Full Road Of The Dead Description

road-of-the-dead There are a lot of online zombie games that are a perfect time pass and can kill your boredom wherever you are. What could be better than blowing some zombies up when you are bored? Road of the Dead is one such game that involves smashing and running down zombies. The game has been developed by Newgrounds which are a huge name in the online gaming industry.

The game has an options menu in which you can change the sound settings, set controls according to your feasibility and change the graphics of the game as well. If your game is lagging on your computer, then you can always lower the graphics and enjoy a smooth gameplay.

The game has four modes.

  • The Great Escape – Drive through the highway avoiding civilians and running down zombies to gain points.
  • Highway to Hell – A more difficult highway journey which involves obstacles to dodge and zombies to smash.
  • Dead on Time – Make your way out of the city as the time is running out while avoiding obstacles.
  • Police State – Your reckless driving will attract police attention, and you will have to avoid their vehicles as well.

Road of the Dead offers a great experience to its players with intense graphics and interesting gameplay.