Stark Raving Ted

earn to die 2012

stark-raving-ted Stark Raving Ted is a great addition to the zombie genre of the gaming industry. You can play it for free on any platform you like. It is available on both desktop and smartphones.

Stark Raving Dead has a lot to offer when it comes to the gameplay. You have to control your character in a city filled with zombies. You can use weapons to shoot them. The aiming and shooting tutorial begins as you start the game. The character also has to avoid obstacles by jumping and crawling which makes the game more intense.

The best part about Stark Raving Ted is that the zombies are not lazy like in most games. Some zombies can even out run you in the game, and you will have to shoot them at the first chance you get. The gameplay is fast than the rest which makes the game better and keeps the users alert.

The game offer customization options. You can always turn the volume on or off and can also change the graphics and the visual effects in the game. Moreover, you can choose to turn the debris in the game on or off as well.