The Last Stand Union City

More about The Last Stand 1 game

the-last-stand-union-city The Last Stand is quite popular among zombie games fan base because it has one of the most addicting gameplays ever. This game has been developed by Armor games that are the big guns when it comes to online gaming. They have released several other successful zombie games as well.

The Last Stand involves a character that is stranded in a zombie-stricken city and has to make his way out of town somehow. There are two modes in the game that ensures that the player is never bored of this game ever. The modes are

  • Survival Mode – In this mode, your character will have no ammo, and it will have to eat and sleep to You will have to complete missions and search for weapons and ammo in the game.
  • Run and Gun Mode – This mode offers plentiful ammo to your character to hunt as many zombies as you can. The character needs no food or sleep to survive.

Character Customization

The game offers some character customization options to its users so that they can play with their favorite avatars. You can choose your avatar’s hairstyle, hair color, skin color, and even facial hair.

All these features make The Last Stand one of the best games out there.