Village Of Nightmares

Village Of Nightmares Description

village-of-nightmares The zombie games are quite popular and that’s why we bring to you the fantastic game called Village Of Nightmares. The game is filled with the creepiest looking dangerous zombies that will haunt players. Even after you stop playing this game, you will enjoy the chills and fear that you feel after playing this game.

This is the ultimate zombie survival game which will be loved by people as there would be lots of fun in running and saving the players from crowd of huge zombies that wants to eat you. The goal of all of the players in this game is save all citizens of the village alive for longer time.

The citizens can be easily saved by using squad controlling techniques and the other strategy controls which the game provides to you. You will be instructing all citizens like leader in building, collecting, and scavenging and looting of the zombies.

It would be so much fun to run and escape from the zombies that are against all the villagers and are desperate to defeat you. Village Of Nightmares gameis having brilliantly designed graphics that supports animation in perfect way.

The huge crowd of the zombies that comes towards the villages is really scary. The land of villages is peaceful but sometimes the sudden zombie attacks happen and that is why player has to be really alert. You will be guiding all of the players in deciding where they will have to shoot to defeat such zombies and save citizens of village.