Wasted Colony

Wasted Colony Game

wasted colony The Wasted Colony is a beautiful flash game and it is another on the list of great zombie games on our website. It is true that there are so many zombie games, and you have already played them. But Wasted Colony brings some different features, and it helps you play the game with new fun. The story of the game is about the ways to defend the zombies who already have captured a city. The game shows that the city is already captured by the zombies, and all the buildings and houses are destroyed. But among them, one safe house is still there, and the house is the last destination for the survivors. Now you need to be the hero to save the survivors. You have to create a team to fight against the zombies or to make a safe passage bring the survivors from that zombie zone. You need to create a team that can save the shelter from the zombies.

The game can explore many opportunities about the weapons and other necessary equipment required to defend the zombies. You can select modern weapons and can use them. Even you can train your troop with latest equipment, can send them to fight against the zombies. Also, you can send a group of troops with food and necessary items for the survivors. One key feature of the game is that you can send letters to search for the survivors before you start your operation against the zombies. So it is clear from the above description that this game is truly an exciting game, and you can enjoy it with so many new features.