Zombie Knight

Zombie Knight Description

zombie-knight Love to play games that contain adventure, thrills and action! Zombie Knight is the best game that would accomplish all your interests. Among other Zombie games, this has been a new way to win on the undead. The game is divided into 11 different stages that bring different levels of action for you, making each stage more difficult than the previous one.

The Zombie Knight game comes with a benefit of customizing the character you are playing. Yes, this feature misses in most of the Zombie games. The player is given an opportunity to change or say rebuild his character with the help of different equipping armors, swords, shields and other special techniques or skills before entering the battlefield and dealing with the gang of half dead. When ready with your weapons, you can enter the battle or RPG and beat the Zombies.

The game gives you 11 different locations, which vary according to the races and the difficulty level you have selected. The game also provides you with a variety of enemies that change according to your difficulty level like human knights, orcs, elves, ogres, Lizardmen, treants, demons, undead, etc. The game provides you with good scoring opportunities which are added to the game through different modes like survival mode, story mode, selection of skills, and much more, that gives you new excitement and encourages you to play.

So, are you ready to begin the game of surprises that work as a roller coaster! Simply play and enjoy it.