Zombie Rampage

Zombie Rampage Description

zombie-rampage Looking for a game that contains bloody stages while you fight against the Zombies! Or do you hate Zombies to the extent of killing them on sight! Zombie Rampage is the best game that allows you to slaughter the undead.

Though the game is inspired by other Zombie games and action games, it still gives you a unique level of thrill and action, where your character is given a wide range of weapons for shooting the Zombies till they are empty with blood. The game starts by selecting your favorite weapon and power for killing the Zombies. However, in the excitement of killing the Zombies, you must not forget purchasing new and stronger weapons, refilling them and powering up, as this may lead you in becoming the food of the hungry Zombies. You can purchase advanced weapons, defenses and perks in the middle of the game to prepare yourself for the next and strong level. With a variety of levels, the game permits you fight against the Zombies and increase the level of action.

The game concept includes nearly 30 enemies to defeat, 22 weapons to select from according to the level of difficulty, and a never-ending Zombie slaughtering experience. All you need to do in the game is, select your favorite weapon, walk straight fighting against the Zombies kill them, fight for your survival, and find your way out through the escaping point.

So, are you ready to annihilate the numerous Zombies with strong weapons! Get the game and begin with the action.