Zombie Trailer Park

Zombie Trailer Park Game

zombie-trailer-park Are you tired of your hectic routine and work and need a something to take out your frustration on? Zombie Trailer Park is the answer to your problem. This game involves zombies waiting for their heads to get smashed and blown up by your hands. Good graphics and amazing gameplay makes the game better than the rest and is the reason behind its popularity in the gaming community.

The gameplay involves your character smashing the heads of zombies. You have to defend the buildings as countless zombies are approaching it. You can use one of 6 characters which can be unlocked with the right amount of cash. You can begin with a guy with a shovel and bash zombie brains out to gain more cash. Other characters wield even more lethal weapons which make the game interesting. You can adjust the graphics settings in the options because the game requires some juice from your system. You can always lower down the graphics to enjoy the smoothest gameplay you have ever experienced.

The game offers four different stages to play. You can play the first one as a beginner, and the other stages can be unlocked as you progress further into the game.