Full Zombocalypse Description

zombocalypse Zombocalypse is a great game when it comes to smashing and killing zombies with weapons like a machete or a machine gun. This game is quite popular in the fanbase because of its simple interface and beautiful graphics. The developers have made sure that the game never lags on any device whatsoever.

The gameplay involves a character who has to survive waves of zombies. At first, you will be given a machete to cut down your zombies with a simple flick of the sword, but as the game progresses, it gets harder. This is when the machine guns make an entrance. You can use these to blow the zombie brains out of their half dead skulls.  The controls of the game are shown as you start playing the game which sort of fulfills the purpose of a tutorial. You can also execute combos while fighting your enemies with a special combination of keys that are not that hard to get used to.

The options setup allows you to change the controls, lower or increase the graphics quality or turn on and turn off the volume in the game. Zombocalypse is a complete package and is the perfect solution to boredom. The game is available on desktops as well as smartphones.